Graffiti Project : Taipei in the picture frames

It’s a graffiti proposal for a department store, I brought up the concept that is diversification Taipei illustrations in the picture frames, like a gallery~ Then we discussed some subjects which symbolize Taipei, There are… Continue reading

Drawing Shopwindow : A Fairy-tale World

I sketched a fairy-tale world, my inner world… June, I proceeded a shop window project for “ARTIFACTS” anniversary, It’s a multi-brand boutique, showcasing contemporary fashion and lifestyle for unique living. I sketched monochromatic… Continue reading

Café Blackboard Drawing : Chinese Festivals

– Chinese New Year – Chinese New Year celebrations traditionally run from Chinese New Year’s Eve, the last day of the last month of the Chinese calendar, to the Lantern Festival on the… Continue reading

Black Wall Drawing : Wine Tasting Event

Glenfiddich hold a wine tasting event for new product in a brewery, they need drawing something on the black wall beside the bar, Including 4 pieces menu boards. Actually, I didn’t know about… Continue reading

Café Blackboard Drawing : Autumn Riches

– Autumn Riches – Taiwan locates in the subtropical zone and it’s a fertiling area, can produce a variety of fruit species all year round, in four seasons never stop, It known as… Continue reading

Café Blackboard Drawing : National Day of Taiwan

– National Day of Taiwant – “Double Tenth Day” is the national day of Taiwan, People will celebrate in front of the presidential palace and play fireworks. Blackboard size : H120 x W240… Continue reading

London Drawing Diary : The British Museum & Mummies

Amazing Mummies │ Aug.12.2010

London Drawing Diary : Busy Student Life

    Busy Busy │ Aug.11.2010

London Drawing Diary : Edinburgh Castlehill

Bye bye Edinburgh │ Aug.08.2010

London Drawing Diary : Military Tattoo

      An impressive performance │ Aug.07.2010

Café Blackboard Drawing : Dessert, Pastry, Tea Time

– Wonderful Tea Time – (Blackboard size : H120 x W240 cm) – Afternoon Tea – Let’s have a Party for September. (Blackboard size : H120 x W240 cm) – Mother’s Day –… Continue reading

Café Blackboard Drawing : Seasonal Theme

– Hello Spring – Live life in full bloom. – Summer Picnic – Have a picnic at the C25° CAFÉ. – Great Summer Vaction – Let’s enjoy the sunshine. – Enjoy Journey –… Continue reading

London Drawing Diary : Edinburgh Scott Monument

Our picnic │ Aug.07.2010

London Drawing Diary : A Terrible Night

What happened about me │ Aug.06.2010

Drawing Shop Window : Merry Christmas

Store Information: TAIPEI ‧ ARTIFACTS 南西店 新光三越南西店3館2樓 Merry Christmas │ Dec.2013

Hi! Seoul : Korea Trip First Day

We were arrived ICN airport at 8:30 pm, and first thing that is currency exchange. so much money XD Travel Drawing for Sep.05.2012. │ Hi! Seoul

Hi! Seoul : Gyeongbok Palace & Deliciouse Korean Food

Morning Schedule:Gyeongbok Palace 경복궁 Lunch:Ginseng Chicken 삼계탕 I love it so much, It’s pretty deliciouse, Thanks for my Korean friend took us to the secret restaurant. Afternoon Tea:in 삼청동 (Samcheong-dong) “dodo” Dinner:in 인사동 (Insa-dong) We ordered… Continue reading

Hi! Seoul : Banana Milk / Bukchon / School Food

Travel Drawing for Sep.07.2012. │ Hi! Seoul

Merry Xmas for dear friend

Give my all best wishes, This year thanks for being with me. Merry Christmas │ Dec.2012 Daizy

18th Anniversary of friendship

That’s our 18th Anniversary For my dear friend “Rere” Friendship Forever │ Dec.2012 by Daizy

Seoul Lovely Store : Story in the box / Cafe

The cup story : Story in the box. Seoul lovely stores in coloured pencil. I’m in Seoul │ Sep.05~11.2012  

Seoul Lovely Store : A kind of warmth / Cafe

Handycraft : A kind of warmth Seoul lovely stores in coloured pencil. I’m in Seoul │ Sep.05~11.2012

Seoul Lovely Store : Happiness in bloom / Florist

Melange : Happiness in bloom Seoul lovely stores in coloured pencil. I’m in Seoul │ Sep.05~11.2012

London Drawing Diary : Portobello Road

  How lovely there is │ Aug.05.2010  

Stamp illustrations : Wishes

In Aug of last year, I drew a picture, It’s full of blessings that is for my friends. Then, A company of handmade products “K.Kingdom” , they invited me to draw for their stamp with… Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day , 2012

This year, I drew a mother’s day card for my mom :) ♥ Happy Mother’s Day │ May.10.2012 by Daizy

Daily Drawing : Super Summer

Thanks for my friend~ She went to Bali on vacation back, bought dresses for me, that’s flowers pattern, super summer!! Daily Drawing for 04.20.2012

Daily Drawing : Our Chocolate Waffle

Happy Birthday to Alicia. Daily Drawing for Apr.08.2012 by Daizy

Daily Drawing : Italian Breakfast

Mom traveled Italy 10 days, She brought back some Italian foods. This morning, I imagine that I were in Italy to enjoy the breakfast XD Daily Drawing for Apr.07.2012

Daily Drawing : Louvre Exhibition

Louvre is in Taiwan. Visited with London friends: Alice, Alicia and Julie,  We are so connotative…haha~ Daily Drawing for Apr.04.2012

London Drawing Diary : Rainbow

Rainbow and Rainbow store│ Aug.04.2010

London Drawing Diary : Night of London Eye

      It’s so beautiful │ Aug.03.2010  

Daily Drawing : Salty Rice Balls

My Mam cooked for me the~ Salty Rice Balls “青花菜鹹湯圓”, So tasty!! Daily Drawing for Mar.30.2012

Daily Drawing : Cheese Omelette

Making Breakfast~ Cooked by own that’s so cheap XD. Daily Drawing for Mar.25.2012  

London Drawing Diary : London pub

  Pub Everywhere │ Aug.03.2010  

Newspaper Drawing : Underground / Cupcakes / Weather

I gathered lots of newspapers in London, and shipped them back to Taiwan. Actually I don’t know What can I use it for!? Then this day I suddenly got an idea~ I drew… Continue reading

Daily Drawing : Tea Time

The day, We talked 6 hours. HaHa!! That is woman, Our Tea Time~   Daily Drawing for Mar.18.2012

Daily Drawing : Spring Onion Pancake

It’s Chinese food “蔥抓餅加蛋” Spring Onion Pancake :D Daily Drawing for Mar.18.2012  

Daily Drawing : Oreo with Milk

Yummy!! Oreo with Milk. Daily Drawing for Mar.17.2012

London Drawing Diary : Picnic in The British Museum

Our lunch time │ Aug.03.2010  

London Drawing Diary : School First Day

          Exciting first day │ Aug.02.2010  

London Drawing Diary : A Fresh Start

          London life │ Aug.01.2010  

UK Memories Postcard : Travel

I enjoy the feeling that starts the journey of alone. ♥ Travel Memories‧UK │ Feb.14.2012

UK Memories Postcard : London

It’s your colour, Fascinating red. It gave me lots of memories. Now, that’s our red, yours and mine. ♥ Travel Memories in the UK‧London │ Oct.16.2011

UK Memories Postcard : Break

I like that moment, Get a cup of tea, sit to think, take a break… It make me get more. ♥ Travel Memories in the UK‧Break │ Oct.21.2010  

UK Memories Postcard : Lovely

Look at the lovely house, Everything is so lovely, Like you, Like me. ♥ Travel Memories in the UK‧Lovely │ Dec.18.2010

Daily Drawing : Chinese Mushroom & Ginger

I want to stew “Chinese Mushroom and Chicken Soup” : Daily Drawing for 03.02.2012  

Daily Drawing : A Beginning / Feb. 2012

I got my first one “MOLESKINE”, I’ll use it drawing daily matters for life :) Daily Drawing for Feb.20.2012

London Drawing Diary : Hi !! London

    Nice to meet you │ Jul.31.2010  

London Drawing Diary : Fly to UK

    Fly to another side of the world │ Jul.31.2010  


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